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Don't Lag Coffee

Turtle Tempest

Turtle Tempest

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Meet Turtle Tempest: The Shell-Shocked Flavor Hero

From the depths of the lush coffee forests comes Turtle Tempest, the stalwart shellback with a knack for crafting the coziest brew. Turtle Tempest wasn’t always a flavor hero; he was once a simple guardian of the grove, watching over the beans as they ripened under the golden sun. However, fate had more in store for this tenacious turtle.

When the Great Flavor Clash ensued, pitting single origins against blends, Turtle Tempest rose to the challenge. With a shell hardened by the roast and a spirit as rich as caramel, he ventured forth, determined to bring peace to the palate with his harmonious blend of milk chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, and pecan.

Turtle Tempest: The Natural Medium Flavored Coffee

Unite with Turtle Tempest and savor the well-balanced blend that triumphs over taste bud tyranny. This is not just any coffee; it’s a testament to what happens when premium beans are treated with the respect they deserve—roasted in small batches, each batch like a careful step taken by our shelled hero.

Tasting Notes of Triumph

Each cup of Turtle Tempest invites you into a story of flavor, a tale where milk chocolate’s rich embrace is joined by the sweet whisper of marshmallow, the bold ambition of caramel, and the nutty wisdom of pecan. It's a coffee that’s as balanced as Turtle Tempest himself—never overpowering, always comforting.

Roasting Method: A Quest for Quality

Don’t Lag Coffee's Turtle Tempest is more than a flavor—it’s a commitment. We start with specialty-grade single-origin coffee, each bean a survivor of trials by fire, emerging victorious and ready to blend into the comforting concoction that is Turtle Tempest.

Join Turtle Tempest on his quest to bring harmony to your cup. Embrace the storm of flavors and discover why every sip is a step towards victory.

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Common Questions

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When will my coffee arrive?

We roast all our premium coffee to order, which can take 1-5 days
depending on demand. After that, we offer free ground shipping that
ensures your coffee arrives perfectly rested and ready to brew. This
way, you can enjoy the freshest, highest-quality coffee possible.
Compare that to grocery store coffee that could have been sitting on the
shelf for who knows how long!

How many cups of coffee will I get per size?

The amount of coffee you get per size varies depending on your desired
strength. The golden rule suggests a 1:18 ratio of coffee grounds
(grams) to water volume (ml). For a 5oz cup, use 8.3g or 1.6 tablespoons
of coffee. For reference, a 12oz bag makes 15 cups, 1lb makes 20 cups,
2lb makes 40 cups, and 5lb makes 100 cups - though this can vary based
on your preference!

What's the difference between the grind types?

Whole Beans: Choose our whole bean option and we'll send you the coffee in its purest
form, ready for you to grind at home and experience the freshest taste

Coarse: Similar to sea salt, ideal for French Press and Cold Brews

Drip: Medium grind, excellent for automatic drip machines, Aeropress, or Cone Shape pour overs.

Fine: A bit finer than table salt, commonly used for espresso