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Join the Power Up Partner Program and elevate your stream to the next level with Don't Lag Coffee!  As a partner, you'll earn commission on every sale you generate, and your viewers will thank you for providing them with the fuel they need for those long gaming sessions. Why Partner with Don't Lag Coffee?      Premium quality coffee beans roasted to order, ensuring the freshest coffee possible for your viewers     Free shipping on all orders     A variety of grind options to fit any brewing method     Dedicated support from our team to help you succeed  How it Works:      Sign up for the Power Up Partner Program at https://dontlag.goaffpro.com/.     Share your unique referral link with your viewers.     Earn commission on every sale generated through your link.     Watch your stream and your earnings grow!     The best performing partners can earn additional rewards such as sponsored streams and content, as well as exclusive gifts. Keep up the great work and see what exciting opportunities await as a top partner with Don't Lag Coffee!  Join the Power Up Partner Program today and start earning while providing your viewers with the best coffee on the market!


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What is the Power Up Partner Program?

The Power Up Partner Program is open to all content creators regardless of size. By promoting DLC products, you can earn commissions with your unique discount code and link. As a partner, you'll also establish a relationship with us that may lead to becoming a DLC Brand Ambassador.

 Do you provide sponsorship for gaming tournaments through the Power Up Partner Program?

While the Power Up Partner Program doesn't directly sponsor tournaments, we're open to exploring opportunities where our partnership could provide mutual value. If you think your event could be a good fit, please feel free to reach out to us here.


How do I Join?

Fill out the form here



How often will I receive payouts from the program?

At sign-up, we collect your PayPal email address, and we payout monthly to that account

What is the earning potential for making sales?

Currently, Power Up Partners can earn a generous commission rate of 8%, while Brand Ambassadors have the potential to earn 10%


Is it possible to do a giveaway with DLC products?

As a Power Up Partner, you're free to run a giveaway with our products at any time. If you become a Brand Ambassador, we may even be able to provide prizes for your giveaway.

What percentage discount will my promotion code provide?

The Power Up Partner program provides a discount code for 10% off.

How do I track my performance as a partner?

You can monitor your performance and sales by logging into the platform through this link

What's the minimum age requirement to join the Power Up Partner Program?

You must be at least 18 years old to join.




Do you offer additional support to Power Up Partners?

As a way of showing our appreciation to the community, we like to drop by streams and gift subs to our Power Up Partners. We also enjoy sending freebies to those who are actively promoting us. Don't forget to tag us and share your clips!



Interested in event sponsorship or direct content sponsorship with us? Get in touch at sponsorshipinquiries@dontlag.coffee. Let's explore mutually beneficial opportunities.